Paper Plane

纸飞机; Paper Plane

Authors : Tan Shi (潭石)

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Romance , Shounen ai

Chapters: 89

Last update: a day ago

3.8 /5 (6 votes)

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. On their first encounter, the 5-year-old Tang Junhe regarded the 6-year-old Yang Xuan as a hero and willingly followed his example.Yang Xuan: "There are 12 ways to fold a paper airplane, don't you know? I'll teach you."Ten years later, the 17-year-old Tang Junhe is living in Yang Xuan's home as his younger brother and the feud between the older generations has yet to subside, as the two teenagers engage in a skirmish."The one who falls first would always lose. I knew it but I was happy."After ten years, the 28-year-old Tang Junhe and 29-year-old Yang Xuan are unexpectedly reunited. Is it a matter of whether things are different or whether the circumstances stay the same? Two people in the same darkness, neither one can be the light of the other.Then let's go together and find light together. +