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The Broken Ring : This Marriage Will Fail AnywayChapter 77HOT

When six-year-old Ins laid eyes on the handsome heir to House Escalante, she promptly made the boy her fianc. Since noble men are all the same, she figured she might as well choose a pretty one. But Lord Crcel isn't ready for this sort of commitment

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad DogChapter 86

"Father, please give me a chance to end Mikael Alanquez."Right before she died, Reinhardt repeated the same words as she had wished.When she came to her senses, she was back at her father's funeral 15 years ago.It was the time when she was divorced b

Debut or DieChapter 65

Debut or Die manhwa, If I Fail to Debut I'll Get a Killer Disease , A 4th year student who was preparing for the Civil Service examination, suddenly he found himself in an unfamiliar body 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threa

My Brothers Dote On MeChapter 206

When she woke up in a new life, she became a poor little girl who was sent to the mental hospital by her own brothers. So with the painful memories of the original owner in the previous life, Pei Yun Ge began to fight back and fight against villains

I’m a Villainess But I Became a MotherChapter 80

I'm a Villainess But I Became a Mother manhwa, The Villainess Became a Mother , I reincarnated as the villainess of that novel? In that case, I will have to leave him before I get betrayed!"Calix, let us break off this marriage.""You cannot run fro

My Wife Is From a Thousand Years AgoChapter 293

Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty, traveled through a thousand years and appeared in front of Xu Qing. Fate brought together this love that spanned a thousand years. Everything the girl was familiar with has become history. Relatives, friends, a

I Thought It Was a Common Isekai StoryChapter 66

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story"Summary:I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Clich! I thoug

I Failed To Throw The Villain AwayChapter 109

Read manhwa I Failed To Throw The Villain Away / Failed to Abandon the Villain / 흑막을 버리는 데 실패했다“Now, you’re the only one left, Mistress.” I reincarnated

Duke PendragonChapter 119

I Control the Prince’s Heart After a Rotten ExhibitionChapter 20

When the foolish but cute glutton Hua Manman transmigrated into a novel becoming a villainess, she was supposed to refuse the king's hand in marriage to wash away his misfortune and then enter the Imperial Palace to become one of the Emperor's concub

The Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Carefree Married Life in a Former Enemy Country in Her Seventh Loop!Chapter 26.6

.Rishe, the daughter of a duke, is stuck in a time loop that begins at the moment her engagement is annulled and ends with her early demise at the age of 20. She has now entered her seventh life.In her past do-overs, Rishe experienced life in various

Only HopeChapter 71

The night she witnessed the murder of her beloved husband, Eun-hye was murdered and returned to nine years ago when she first met him. Will she be able to stop her husband's serial murders? And... will she ever be able to love again?.

Please Marry Me Again, Husband!Chapter 80

In the middle of a sea of yellow flowers in the garden is my husband, Kardi. "You told me you liked these flowers before." A sweet man who remembers words spoken in the past and makes a field filled with daffodils. Even if it could be quite selfish,

Me, The Heavenly Destined VillainChapter 170
DramaMartial artsSupernatural

The Evil Prince And IChapter 138

She, who is obviously a top scientist from the future, is accidentally involved in a marquis family feud.Her legs are crippled, and a new genetic drug from the year 2160 will help to cure her. The stepmother and scumbag of a sister plotted and tried

If I Don’t Die Soon, I’ll Really Become Invincible!Chapter 120
ActionComedyMartial arts

After transmigrating into a world of Immortals, Ye Qing obtained the ultimate cheat! He will obtain invincibility the moment he dies!Ye Qing: It's time to court death!Empress of Zhou: I met my soulmate when I met Ye Qing. With all my power, I will ma

The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent FacadeChapter 240

Bng Jio Bo Jn Gi N Lch Jbn / The Sickly Loveable Tyrant Changed to Take the Green Tea Script / Yandere Tyrant Transforms to Take the Green Tea Script / Fu Xin, a powerful president of her company in the modern age, finds that she had travelled to the

The golden dawn light will shine for youChapter 71

Read manhwa The Golden Light of Dawn / The golden dawn light will shine for you / You're still precious to me. After losing her family in a demon attack, Rosha is reborn as the 777th most powerful magic knight in the Golden Dawn Society. To avenge

The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2Chapter 58
ActionMartial arts

The Martial G** who Regressed Back to Level 2[NO. 4212: Humanity' has failed the Demotion Match.] [NO. 4212: Humanity' has been deemed useless. Beginning deletion.]As Earth was being erased after their final game ended in failure, Martial Saint Sung

Reborn Ranker – Gravity UserChapter 77

Reborn Ranker Gravity User manhwa, Adventurers aim for the strongest in hidden classes, A few years back, monsters different dimension came to our world, and humans having abilities such as level and skills to fight them emerged. Ikoma, who had acqui

The Strongest Protagonist of All Time!Chapter 210
ActionMartial arts

Zhao Xiaotian suffered all kinds of hardships with relevance to supernatural powers. After he got caught up in an explosion, he was able to catch up with the comic genre trend nowadays which is: "Isekai". But unfortunately, the villains of the world

Brilliant GalaxyChapter 140

After the divorce settlement, she was in dire straits with no money, no house, and no looks! To counterattack, Xia Xinghe became a top-notch hacker, gaining vast wealth without much effort!

Second Life on the Red CarpetChapter 81.5

Bedisth, who transmigrated into the novel 'Twilight Princess', finally reached the end of the novel. After it was completed, she wonders how her life would be in the future, and when she opened her eyes the next morning, she returned back to the day

The Princess’s ShopChapter 259

What should a woman do in ancient times? Falling in love or having a beautiful boy? NONO! Of course, I've to make a fortune by using modern knowledge to do business! What about beauty, fitness, and swimming business in ancient? How about mahjong? Do

I Just Want To Live A Simple LifeChapter 95
ActionComedyMartial arts

Ding dong!" "Welcome to the All-Intelligent Cultivation System!" "Important heads-up: While using the system to cultivate, you'll lose control of your body..." After getting the Intelligent Cultivation System, Pei Ling planned to quietly level up and

This Wasn’t My PlanChapter 33

This Wasn't My Plan manhwa, This Isn't It, This is a R-12. Kim Ro-ah is the manager for the famous actor, Chen Sih-Yeon, who mistreats her. When fatigue hits due to overwork, Ro-ah gets into an accident and dies. In her dying moment filled with rev

The Big Shot’s Darling ReturnsChapter 214

Jun Qing finally transmigrates back to her original world, but finds out her own body had been taken over by another transmigrator for 2 years. Even the fourth brother, whom she has been pining after secretly for many years treats her coldly. Dealing

Oh Dear NemesisChapter 96

Oh Dear Nemesis manhwa , , Everything returned to the beginning the moment she believed she had won. Kalmia Phlox who then returned through time. And then saw her dead brother alive and then was engaged to a close friend and had a relationship wit

From Maid to QueenChapter 106

Urania was just a lowly maid until she captured the attention of King Kraus III and became his concubine. The nobles and the other maids, however, despised their love and dragged Urania down. Heartbroken and at her wit's end, she was ready to accept

Reborn Ranker – Gravity User (Manga)Chapter 77

A few years back, monsters from different dimensions came to our world, and humans having abilities such as level and skills to fight them emerged. Ikoma, who had acquired the class of "thief" without knowing that he would reach his limits early on,

I Will Remove Them From My LifeChapter 84

I was strangled to death by my cheating husband when I asked for a divorce. I thought that would be the end of my painful life. "I'm young...?" When I opened my eyes again, I went back to being a 12 year old daughter of count who had no power and cou

The Hunter (Wang You Zhi Zui Qiang Lie Ren )chapter 26

Forty year old disabled veteran, Ye Zhanglin, under the guidance of an eight year old child, came in contact with a gun fighting game call "Gun King". In order to get the grand prize, through multiple days and nights of training, they both reached th

Does the Lord's coin not shrink?!Chapter 64

.Ern, who died a miserable death at the hands of an assassin returned to the past, and had acquired the skill in his eyes!!!???: Let's cheer up. Let's all chant Heave-Ho together.???: Yo???: Heave???: Ho???: Don't just stand there saying Yo-Heave-Ho

Redemption of the Blue Rose PrincessChapter 34.5

I've been given a chance to redo my life. I'm standing next to the man who once killed me.That night was the "Star Festival", a celebration for the founding of the proud kingdom of Hyland. Blinded by love, Queen Alicia had turned her back on the peop

Raising a SacrificeChapter 51

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.""It seems I must kill you, Your Grace." Inas has always been Duke Nigel Montestein's mo

Left Handed MutationChapter 62

Human genes mutate, those with extraordinary genes may gain superpowers, and those with monster genes may mutate into monsters. Xingcun, who became a monster, was awakened and later reborn after the sacrifice of the heroine. In this life, the prodiga

Oh My Prince!Chapter 182

When you wake up, you are in Egypt? Meet the genius teacher and the prince of Egypt!

When the Black Moon RisesChapter 36
ActionDramaMartial artsRomance

When the Black Moon Rises manhwa, A single miracle created by one man who risked everything."I don't want to forget you.""Please make it so that I don't forget you."He was not a god.It was you.'"Baek Giha."A light riding on the wind, flying like a

I Raised the Yandere Villain EmpressChapter 20
RomanceMartial arts

What is the experience of being betrayed and given to death by a disciple who has been raised with all his heart and soul? Exhausting his cultivation to finally obtain a chance to be reborn! In this life, he's become corrupted. What's the point of he

I Plan to Become the Master of a Stolen FamilyChapter 50

I Plan to Become the Master of a Stolen Family manhwa, o many things would have been different if you had become the family head"My twin older brother died at my hands.Chloe, who was controlled by black magic and forced to murder endlessly again

Hey, Little Duke, Just Trust this Sister!Chapter 49

, !Trusting only her talent in swordsmanship, Espin tried to become the best knight but failed. It was because of Duke Xenoc Blacknight. The no. 1 knight in the Empire. I hated him so much. He was nothing but an enemy. "I won." I was finally able

Toshishita no SenpaiChapter 27

Toshinoshita no Senpai, , My Younger Senpai The 25 year old Nanasawa has always had one sided feelings for her high school senpai Seto-san, when one day she travels back in time 10 years!! And there she finds Seto-senpai, in her 2nd year of high scho

Have Mercy, Your Ladyship!Chapter 150

Have Mercy, Your Ladyship!at Fok Tianxin was drowned in her last life. She found that the one she cherished and respected wronged her in her last breath! In this life, she will never be a weak lady at the mercy of others! "Shen ruoqiu, i will not spa

The Knight Commander Wants To Monopolize The Former Glasses Girlchapter 7

I was caught up in a trip to another world and was treated as a nuisance, but the person who helped me was the commander of the Second Knights, Leon, who was super strong and handsome! He was blunt but kind and always took care of me. But why does he

Princess, Don’t Ruin Your Public Persona!Chapter 259

Gee! What would you do if you wake up and find yourself become a new born baby overnight? I guess I have to re-live my childhood again. Fortunately, i am reborn in the noble family of Grand Secretary. I guess I should seize this chance and establish

The Return of Princess AmyChapter70

A prophecy declared that a child would lead the empire back to glory. That same year, Amy and her half-sister, Aurora, were born. Both girls competed for the title and when it seemed like Amy was going to win, Aurora convinced everyone that Amy was a

A Man Among MenChapter 89

.Han Yu-hyun, the best CEO in the world leaves everything behind to relive his life.

I’ll Retire After Saving the WorldChapter 23
ActionMartial arts

Year 2044.Right before the global explosion of dungeonsthe end of the world. Andwhen I opened my eyes again, it was twenty years before the end. I, Woo Hwijae,must stop the apocalypse to secure my retirement plan!