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SHLSPretty good on  My Suspicious Roommate
It took a very long time to unfold, but the end was quite satisfying. Overall OK!
Devilslov Rocks on  Roses and Champagne
It's one of my favorite stories to read and I have reread it multiple times. Amazing story, the main character has a fierce personality (even though he's a little dumb at times) he's strong willed and smart. The story is a bit spicy but overall a fun read highly recommend!
HarlockMeh on  Killer Shark In Another World
I'm conflicted about this one, is hella hilarious 😂, the author turned practically every Movie, TV show, Manga, Anime into a bunch of memes. 🤣
Obviously this kind of manga is not to be taken seriously as they are made for LOLs 😆
It did not disappoint, everything and everyone gets killed and destroyed in the mos ferocious way by the Shark-kren, for that it should have been a 5 starts, but the content itself was all so clinge, and what was supposed to be the MC, just merely became an owner to an internal dog-shark that doesn't obey, and if that's not enough the one that's actually calling the shots , is little evil fairy using them both.
As mentioned didn't expect much from the start, but even so this manga is all over the place, just read it for the LOLs 😅 but don't expect anything coherent here.
Do Ra TiRocks on  Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu.
I love them so much. 🤍
Charles AmrosRocks on  Virus King
The only give u is supporting your work.
Ghost8804Sucks big time on  Hero Has Returned
The first few chapters were fire then the mc changed and it was shut again then after 20 chapters there were a few good ones after that it went to sh** not recommended
I wasnt hereKinda bad on  Jinx
The storyline isnt that bad but horse looking man is so... idek... hate him so much. He is an ass**** to everyone he is around and he does sick things to other characters
Moibvcml WritersRocks on  Exotic Love
Rocks! Because why not this actually pretty hard enough to understand at first but! If you just go any further than that chapter you wanted to stop you will understand something. I knew that this is super complicated because there are many characters that popped up everywhere and tnks to uploader (s)he gave them an explanation and that's make the manhwa more accurate and interesting to read (but tbh I didn't read the explanation) ofcourse this is a bit boring but when you reach the part of the sassy mood, jealousy things get easy to understand and ye interesting. 

Bye. You don't have to read this I spit some nonsense here 

But highly recommended!!!
ABCMolSucks big time on  Akatsuki no Tori ha Nureta Tsuki ni Hizamazuku
Bro... Just don't. This is one of the worst things I ever read, is just so bad, so offensive, it fetishized se*ual a***ult of a kid, it is romanticizing ped*philia, this is not okay!!!!!

Please, this kind of thing is the worst, even one star is too much for this cr**.
Naomi JaneRocks on  Cupid in the Rainbow Trap
Absolutely perfect, there's nothing wrong with this. I love it so much 😍❤

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