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Chapter 467

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Chapter 466-5

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Chapter 29

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Chapter 28

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Chapter 178

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Chapter 177

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Chapter 162

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Chapter 161

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Chapter 54

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Chapter 53

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 63

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Chapter 62

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 49

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Chapter 48

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Chapter 46

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Chapter 45

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Chapter 22

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Chapter 21

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Chapter 25

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Chapter 24

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Chapter 16

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 121

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Chapter 120

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Chapter 987

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Chapter 986

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yurimaniaRocks on  Show Me Your Bust
the art is so amazing that everyone is so pretty ahh mc looks cool too
NinzesinaRocks on  Bokura No Tsuzuki
This is soo sooo good. The childhood friends misunderstanding to lovers thrope. Young love, this story reminds me of my own foolish first love in high school. The giddiness of it all.

I love the story telling, the way it flows, the way the mangaka drew the expressions and the subtle exchanges of looks, stares and quiet smiles and grins, the subtle pining of the characters of each other. It's an art piece, not just a manga. I love all of the mangakas other work as well. Artstyle is so beautifully done. And You-chan is soo smooth in his advances to Nanase and he is so decisive as well. I love the puppy top vs black cat bottom thrope, and this one is executed so well. Highly recommended.
UwURocks on  If You Hate Me that Much
wondo jinRocks on  The Path Of Star
this manhwa fluff and refreshing
i like this very much
min soli
min soliRocks on  Irreversible
It's really good and interesting. No boring chapters.
DirtyDishwasherPretty good on  Roses and Champagne
I thought the story was good but I didn't like the part 
Caesar shot the protagonist (to avoid him from leaving) and then r*ped him-
 I wish they just could have spoken
Eli Zip
Eli ZipPretty good on  Kami Kon ni Ai
The beginning of the relationship wasn't good, this is the only complaint
SandcherryPretty good on  Night by the sea
The first chapters up to around the turn to the 2 season are pretty annoying and bad for the heart. It just so nuch bad tjings happening...but then there's the baby and MC bonding time that is so HEARTWARMIN AND CURINGGGGGGG. I dislike the ML a whole lot but he becomes better?! At some point still make sh** up to ch 50 where he is...trying? Any who it's pretty much a traffic light that wavers BTW green and red passing by yellow. I'm reading more for the graffiti and the babys ngl
Eli Zip
Eli ZipPretty good on  Body Solutions
I think it's cute 
In the drawing is also good
jksxyonPretty good on  Unmei no Hito ni Deau Hanashi
I like it

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