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Chapter 524

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Chapter 523

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erainSucks big time on  I’ll be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons
first 70 chapters were good but then plots are repeating and its annoying
CursiusRocks on  Eternally Regressing Knight
I'm really enjoying this, great MC, great story, and amazing art. It has so much potential to fill, and I think it's going to fill it.
ATHENAWRRRocks on  My Guildmate Next Door
the drawings are so cute! One of my fav manhwas atm, SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERR
Buff Jesus
Buff JesusSucks big time on  I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!
I dont need to say anything
Ohhhh Cum****Sucks big time on  Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen
The translation sucks and the story is meh
BijoyRocks on  Invincible at the Start
Still waiting 🥺😭
NatalierfRocks on  Toshokan no Daimajutsushi
Wonderfull story, with a amazing art!
Ianes GréciaRocks on  My duke is Not Dead
Chapter 26 and the story so far is very good. The characters arent one-note-memes and ML and MC both have their own personality.
Also points for being one of the few isekai with female protagonist that dont go for the "im a princess/noble now".
Princess BarbieRocks on  Honey Trouble
They're sooooo pretty!! one of the best art styles I've seen so far.... Plus the chemistry is giving! Absolutely slayed!

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