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Netkama PUNCH!!!Chapter 75
ComedyDramaShounen ai

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Netkama a male who portrays himself as female online. This is what Kim Seyeong decides

I Control the Prince’s Heart After a Rotten ExhibitionChapter 20

When the foolish but cute glutton Hua Manman transmigrated into a novel becoming a villainess, she was supposed to refuse the king's hand in marriage to wash away his misfortune and then enter the Imperial Palace to become one of the Emperor's concub

Limited Extra TimeChapter 76

The existence of the second child, Karina, who was the successor's youngest twin and the one who wasn't as competent as her sibling, has been concealed by the people around her all her life.One day, she finds out that she only has one year left to li

Little Princess MintChapter extra

Mint, the most miserable girl in the orphanage. Everyday she received all kinds of abuses and she suffered through it, but one day a gentleman appeared in the orphanage and said, "I'll take this child."The man that became the supporter of Mint, is a

A Trivial Extra in a Dating SimChapter 138

.Opening my eyes, I found my soul synced into the popular dating sim game, Midnight'! And although I was clearly one of the female protagonists, I possessed the body of Evenes Harin, the saint treated like a trivial extra. What's worse is that I must

The ChallengerChapter 52.5

Loser', Weakling', Rock-bottom'. These are all titles people call me in real life. However, that's only in the Real World'. There's no reason why I have to be a Loser' in a virtual reality game as well! I'm going to become the greatest in a video gam

Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off shitara Shokuba no Onijoushi ga Kita.Vol.2 Chapter 22
DramaComedyRomanceShounen ai

Boss in real life, gaming partner onlineBrushing by each other at top speedHashimoto, an average salaryman, works under the harsh leadership of his high-spec cum handsome demon boss, Shirase-san, day by day. The only thing Hashimoto looks forward to

My Insanely Competent UnderlingsChapter 72

The depths of the labyrinth that leads to hell where it's impossible to retreat.Gamers, who entered the ranks of heroes, and even those who were called the absolute powers of a generation failed to clear the deep zone."Unless a miracle happens, all o

Boutique at 97th Sheldon StreetChapter 80

.After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?!While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and enc

Solo Glitch PlayerChapter 120

Taepung Shin knows every nook and cranny of his favorite MMO video game Paradiso like it was the back of his hand! However, his gaming adventures suffer an abrupt end after his untimely death. But this is not his last hurrah since he's reincarnated a

A bellicose lady got reincarnated!? ~It's an impossibly hard game where I would die if I don't fall in love MangaChapter 6.2

Is this seriously the world of a "game"? If I don't romance one of the yanderes, I would die!?Before my reincarnation, I was a former delinquent and a top-class brawler who was once called the "Crimson Rose" or the Crimson Demon", who had gathered th

Mystic MusketeerChapter 150

Mystic MusketeerParaplegic ex-sniper Ha Yiha is getting a fresh start in the VR game "Middle Earth." He hopes to become a powerful player and earn enough money to afford surgery, but there's a small problem an untimely logout leaves him playing as a

The Gourmet GamerChapter 98

Read The Gourmet Gamer manga The Gourmet Gamer manhwa The Gourmet Gamer comic on mangabuddy.meWhen he lost his ability to taste and smell, Lee Rim's life as a chef ended. Just as he's sinking deeper and deeper into depression, Rim discovers [Real],

Raising a SacrificeChapter 51

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.""It seems I must kill you, Your Grace." Inas has always been Duke Nigel Montestein's mo

Sunken FishChapter 25
DramaShounen aiWebtoon

.The emotional entanglement between Lin ChenXiu, a video gamer captain, with a gloomy childhood, and Yu Moxiang, a dedicated and enthusiastic team player. The story begins with the two bravely fighting forward in a team that is not being favored.

Does Love at First Sight Exist in E Sports?Chapter 90.5
DramaRomanceShounen ai

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Having nothing better to do, Asia's champion decided to carry a girl in the game. With

Undefeated RankerChapter 80

32 years agojudgement day. Humans were driven to the brink of extinction by the sudden appearance of monsters. However, with the appearance of supernatural powers and the awakening of abilities, the battle went into its next phase. After a fierce bat

King of PilingChapter 9

'From now on, I will break your back.' Han Seo-Ah, a seemingly ordinary high school student, attends Hasa High School to bring order to the students. It's not using a game or a fight, it's piling! 2020 Grand Prize Winner.

Reborn into a World of Yanderes?!Chapter 88

In a crazy turn of events, the Lycoris family has been targeted and reborn into the world of a yandere otome game. They can try to use their knowledge of their past lives to go straight to the ending of the game, but they have to watch out for the "b

Bad Ending MakerChapter 30

"Please write your resignation letter, Mincheol-ssi."I objected to the management's billing policy, and was laid off overnight from the job I dedicated my youth to.And so, my life as Director of "Wings Online" came to an end.It's a game I created, an

Soul Of Burning SteelChapter 74

Qiao Xiu, betrayed and stabbed in the back, in the MMORPG, Entered the world of swords and magic after his death, the background of this world turned out to be the game he played. With his own experience in the game and his understanding of the syste

The Honest Life of a Game StudioChapter 26

.I, Anan Naoyoshi, joined Last Boss Korin, Co. in pursuit of Nobu-san, the game planner I've long admired. Things, however, are sour between us.Our strained relationship aside, the two of us went on an overseas business trip. But then whyyyyy are we

My Inventory is AbnormalChapter 29

Read My Inventory is Abnormal manhwaThe game has turned into reality,and a "Great Migration" has occurred all over the Earth.As a top-tier ranker thanks to massive in-game purchases,along with the special privileges from the game administrator "Nel,"

Kimi to Pico-PicoChapter 57

Oota, an otaku, joined the game club to live his ideal high school life. That was when he met by chance the freshman gal, Ageha Onisaki!! They dive straight into playing video games, but Ageha's choices are the NES, the SNES, and the Megadora! Who th

Midari ni Midara na Kuroyukihime OnlineChapter 27.5

Ancient God GamesChapter 33

Ancient G** GamesLin Hao, whose appearance was of a high school student, actual age unknown. Is kidnapped by an unknown ancient g** along with 5,000 other people. From this day onwards, Lin Hao and the others will travel from one brand new world afte

Back Then, I Didn’t Realize It Was A Big WinChapter 38

Seo Yeon-woo earns a living by playing games, and in the hidden quest game he's been given, he struggled for several months and received fragments of a cube as a reward. What are these cube fragments used for? Are these scammers? Give me back the tim

Rise of The Cheat UserChapter 21.5

Sun Ran, who was born in a slum, was a master at cheating in games. Under the guise of a myriad of identities, he traversed carefree through countless virtual words. Unexpectedly, he was kicked out of the virtual worlds by an Enforcer, and found hims

Invincible in the apocalypse: I’m the only beta playerChapter 24

Five years ago, the online game "Starshine" unexpectedly became a reality when no one expected it. As the only surviving closed beta player, Ye Chen tragically lost his life due to his own foolishness and naivety. However, perhaps fate had other plan

Max Level KnightChapter 17

+10 Punch About-to-be Max Level Knight Lineage Deforge server. "Our Mom", who used to be an infamous random PKer, experiences a different kind of Lineage after meeting an unnecessarily naive "Choco SongHee". One by one, various Users join the "Choco

Dorei YuugiVol.10 chapter 61

One day, a mail arrives for Kai, a normal high school student, inviting him to try a mysterious new cellphone game. But the people whose pictures he takes with the application, "SLAVE GO," go missing one after another...A vicious and cruel game begin

There’s no way that my clan has a female playerChapter 22

Li Ning, a nerd, is a veteran player of the [Star Trails] MMORPG., but due to all of his clan members being male characters, his clan is called the [ Gay clan]. Even though he's embarrassed about the title given to them, Li Ning found out that he is

ChildminderVol.1 chapter 12
Shounen ai

One day Hyun gets chosen to test out a parenting game called Childminder. He thought the game would be easy because all he had to do was be a good father to a very cute child named Mir. Childminder is a tale of the hardships of parenting, even in a g

Raising a Newbie to Grind ThemNotice.

/ To Level Up and Chew a NewbieAsta Chronicles, where the seeds of MMORPG appeared like a comet in the dry game market. On the day when the notice of the mythology' difficulty raid update, which is the most recent update in a long time, was announced

My Cultivation SimulatorChapter 25
ActionMartial arts

Xu Yuan has reincarnated into an alternate world where monsters arise and daoism declines. Using the Life Simulator, he's able to simulate the endless possibilities and experiences of all of humanity which allows him to inherit exceptional powers. Th

The Princess Back From HellChapter 12

After taking revenge on the ex-boyfriend who used to abuse her, she died and transmigrated as the heroine of the popular otome game "Rose Spiral". She found out that the targets who could be captured possessed evil intentions, approaching the female

The Ultimate Leveling Up SystemChapter 37

A young man full of vigor transmigrated to a world similar to a cultivation game. join our main character as he travel and dominate the word with the ultimate leveling up system.

Knight Under My HeartChapter 40

Knight Under My HeartHave you ever skipped studying to play video games? Unfortunately for high school senior Yushin Lee, the stakes are a little higher than flunking, as he finds himself trapped in a VR-based MMORPG. Yushin was selected to beta test

Game Parody 4-koma Grand PrixChapter 368.5

4-koma parody of games by various artists.

Log in to Love CityChapter 65

/ Log in Love CityCan you find love in a virtual world? Narae doesn't really believe in love. BBQ restaurant owner by day and romance novelist by night, she's too busy with work to pursue a relationship. When she gets a strange text that offers her t

Fast BreakChapter 6

The once brilliant Qing Tai school basketball team has fallen and is now faced with a shortage of members and the risk of the club disbanding. By chance, a person who has a passion for basketball comes, but the basketball boy is Bai Qi, who doesn't k

Nightmare GameChapter 6

When Zhi Ye lost his passion to live, he was forced to be involved in a terribly scary "Nightmare game" at the funeral of his former partner. Strange life and death is the most common childhood game? If you lose, you will die. In order to survive, Zh

Magical Girls Are The Idols Of This WorldChapter 12

"Jingburguer" was having a rough time in her life to push forward her dream to become an idol and find a part time job, Since anything was going as she was expecting to, she was feeling very pessimistic about her future. Until she meets a magical po*

Number of Jumps Required to End the WorldChapter 11

The World Ends at the Jump / "We are no different from gods." Hyunhee starts a new job as a server developer at a budding game company. As she digs deeper into a mysterious bug where if a player makes the character jump 65,536 times, the server