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Black MirrorChapter 63 : update infoHOT

.Tae Joon suffered a traumatic event in his youth that led him to lose his childhood memories.While looking for a place to rent, he meets Jung Yeon Woo, who claims to have been his childhood best friend, and ends up becoming his housemate. After he m

No ReasonChapter 45

Jeonghoon, a promising executive in the organization, decides to directly teach and discipline the youngest member of the organization. However, Jeonghoon, unlike the rumor, was interested in Hyunjae-who can only look pretty, became close to him. A y


.Three years ago, the operation leader Jiang Ting made an error in judgment, a chain explosion occurred at the scene, and there were heavy casualties in the unit. Three years later, he, supposed to have died in duty, returned to the world, doing ever

The DilettanteChapter 34

Stay until you're drunk on me. One day, top counterterrorism agent Hana Lee receives news of her twin brother's passing. Unable to accept the death of her only living relative, she sets out to uncover the truth. Along the way, she gets tangled up wit

Elf Who Likes To Be HumiliatedChapter 43

DokumushiChapter 32

.A group of very different people wake up together in the sealed environment of an abandoned school building. They include the college students Yumi and Reiji, a cabaret girl named Akane, an occult-obsessed salaryman named Yukitoshi, a punk factory w

Only HopeChapter 47

The night she witnessed the murder of her beloved husband, Eun-hye was murdered and returned to nine years ago when she first met him. Will she be able to stop her husband's serial murders? And... will she ever be able to love again?.

Sovereign of JudgementChapter 76

On an ordinary afternoon, Ring suddenly appeared in the middle of the classroom. If you want to live, you have to climb up the ring and kill your classmates. A brutal slaughtering game that simultaneously tests human fighting power across the globe b

God's ID CardChapter 33HOT

Juvenile OffenderChapter 30

Lee Yong-gaSouth Korea is filled with various shi*** laws. The group of juvenile kids' that made my life into a living he** didn't receive any punishment: these kids were the result of these shi*** laws. I'll now start my revenge.

The Princess Wishes To Die Peacefully!Chapter 21

Alternative ???? ?? ?? ?? I now possess the body of Ophelia, the villainess in the story The Crown Prince Returns'.And just like the protagonists in the other reincarnated novels, I thought I would fare well.I died by getting guillotined the first ti

The Self-Disciplined Me Is Practically InvincibleChapter 46

The Self-Disciplined Me Is Practically Invincible

Sahwa Secret CommissionChapter 67.5

.She is an assassin for hire because she needs the money. Like a chameleon, she is capable of transforming herself a numerous amount of times. To anyone that ends up meeting her, only death awaits them

The Serial Killer Is Reincarnated Into the Another World.Chapter 14

A murderer who cannot stop the urge to kill people, even though he wants to stop, receives the death sentence he wants.His joy is short-lived, as he is reincarnated in another world. The mission entrusted to him by the goddess is to kill 12 reincarna

King GameChapter 37

An action packed suspense story of a boy who obtains the absolute authority! The story centers around a boy named " Hwang Chomin" who spends his high school days while enduring its unjust violent treatment. Being informed of his isolated brother's pa

Tokyo Neon ScandalChapter 61

The magazine contains people "secrets".Hayama, a new employee is assigned to the weekly scandal editorial department.It is a weekly photo magazine that publishes extreme stories about everything, from celebrity infidelity to behind-the-scenes crimes,

Girl Under TrialChapter 21

An unexpected series of trials begin for a girl who was close to the bottom of the school hierarchy. The winner gets a prize!

Machine EraChapter 51

Young-yi, a high school goalkeeper promising to lose his arm in a car accident, participates in a clinical trial of SC Bio and receives a medical transplant.Then one day the virus called "mechanism" spreads in the world, and unknown beings begin to c

Murder Lock: School of the KillingChapter 11

Kotaro Kudo was known as the "Streets' Strongest". Once, 13 thugs, thirsty for revenge, kidnapped his younger sister. Kotaro beat everyone, and on the same night, he was arrested on suspicion of murder, as each of them was later found dead. He is the

I Know Your SecretChapter 47

After she was nearly killed and then rescued, Ruan Ruan lost all her memories. Her savior, Ding Xiao, treated her with all the tenderness in the world; she completely let her guard down in the face of his perfect image. After figuring out the identit

Dorei YuugiVol.10 chapter 61

One day, a mail arrives for Kai, a normal high school student, inviting him to try a mysterious new cellphone game. But the people whose pictures he takes with the application, "SLAVE GO," go missing one after another...A vicious and cruel game begin

Guardian Tales - Kanterbury Days!Chapter 80
HorrorComedyMartial arts

Three RealmsChapter 28

Mythical Horror-Thriller Epic The Story behind the Journey to the WestThere exists no immortality here. Whether you are a mortal, demon, evil spirit, or god, we are all but only living beings. We can't escape from the tracks of history; we can't avo

Records of the Demonic Path’s ReturnChapter 15

The main character Myeong-un has escaped to a faraway sanctuary to avoid the Heavenly Demon Cult's fight for power. However, as he did not coincide with the Throne's Will, he was unable to avoid strife. To make Myeong-un stir a fight within his famil

Eternal TormentChapter 3

A story about a criminal who was sentenced to "Eternal Punishment". The main character, Touma Kuga, was aiming to take medical school entrance exams, having heard that his classmate, Satou Rin, whom he is in love with, said that if she were to marry

BaskiChapter 57

A bank heist committed by people with superpowers. When this news reaches police officer Young-In Jin, he suspects it could be linked to a meteorite crash he saw with his friends years ago. What are his childhood friends hiding? And why does he sudde

DeathCordChapter 41

One day, Kyung-min, whose self-esteem has hit rock bottom from being Tormented/Bullied by his friends, suddenly receives an invite to DeathCord', a chatting room where you can kill people through voting. Anonymous death penalty vote in the chat room!

I'm cultivating draconic veins in chinaChapter 11

The Dog ManChapter 13

The Dog Mana webtoon by Kim Kyusam: The world is dominated by bugs, the Dog Man at the beginning and end.Tags: Black Comedy, Post-Apocalyptic, Survival, Military, ActionHiveThis is not your typical invasion story. Gigantic oxygen-doped bees are attem

Garden of the Dead FlowersChapter 58

When Mila woke up, she suddenly returns to the past in Batavia during the Dutch colonial period. She accidentally saw her grandfather at a young age, kill a girl! Her grandfather, who she thought was nice, actually killed girls in his garden and plan

A Declaration of RevengeChapter 9
ActionDramaShounen ai

A man named Lee Jung-yool appears out of nowhere in Han Gitae's detective agency, and Gitae suddenly finds himself under threats to cooperate with his plans...! What exactly is the massive conspiracy that involves the two of them? And what will becom

Silent NightChapter 50

Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami TazuruChapter 16

Hell 58Chapter 53

A power struggle, strife, and betrayal in Hell58, an island of the weak and strong.Can the main character, a commoner, find hope and escape from this hellish island?

On a Deserted Island with Beautiful SistersChapter 21
ActionRomanceMartial arts

Veteran Liu Yi suffered an air crash and was exiled on a deserted island, killing wild boars and fighting savages for his livelihood. Unexpectedly, the beautiful empty sisters, the se** mixed-race beauties, and the gentle kindergarten teachers threw

BonesChapter 3.5

Ji Hyun, haunted by pain and inner anger, awaits a hunter on the way with the dream of becoming invincible. But cruel fate decreed otherwise, depriving him of the most precious thing - the cost of love and health. Wallowing in despair, but not resign

Good HuntingChapter 8

"I'm a psychopathic killer? If the world thinks of me that way I'll live like that." Sun-woo' was branded as the youngest murderer. With his brilliant brain and innate tenacity, he digs into the case only for his own revenge. The whole story of the u

Utori: The LegacyChapter 7

Utori is a young man who hides his special abilities from the world and uses them to discipline bullies. One day, he meets his pursuer, "Death," who relentlessly chases him. Despite Death's constant threats, Utori cannot die due to his unique ability

Uncharted WalkerChapter 11

A magician, a female doctor, a gangster, an archaeology professor, a policewoman, a drug dealer, a businessman... Such a random group of people find themselves trapped on a desolate island when they wake up from sleep one day. They are surrounded by

OneiraChapter 5

Coming out of the depths of our minds after a slow agony, nightmares have come to life. Driven by the sole desire to destroy their hosts, these monsters with their multiple forms have become a plague to be eradicated.Faced with this threat, the Holy

Never-Ending DarlingChapter 70

Ha-im Yun lives in a world where people register their DNA into cloning databases, a world where human suffering has basically been eradicated. The brilliant mind behind this cloning technology is none other than Ha-im's boyfriend of five years, Geun

SmileyChapter 10

Tomoji Kamome is a freelance writer who lost his beloved daughter in an accident. In despair, his wife leaves him, and he spends his days like a shell of a man.One day, however, a flyer from a strange religious group, the "Heart Laughing Society," ch

Fool's NightChapter 26

Influencer of the ApocalypseChapter 39.5

Hui Woo doesn't have much going for him in his boring teen life, except for an addiction to social media. That puts him in place to document his surroundings including the moment when said surroundings go nuts.

Akunin no JōkenChapter 8

> It was the season when the cicadas crowed. Seven men and women gather in a certain building. The seven were strangers and visited this building with their weaknesses seized by a mysterious person named Dante. An eerie mask on the wall begins to spe

There Is a Lie in My Contract MarriageChapter 7

If you're going to die anyway, let's get married. A Psycho Romantic Mystery.Yoko Moji, a woman who suffers from the triple pain of being ugly, having no money, and having no job, fails an interview, gets lost on the road, and jumps from a pedestrian

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yoChapter 12

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yo

Cleaner KChapter 9

I'm K, my daughter was raped and killed by dregs but they twisted all the truths and, in the end, my daughter became the one who's to be blamed. The police are afraid of them, the law can't control them, then I'm going to clean those dregs for good.